About Us

Ruf's Farm Service has been serving farmers for nearly 50 years. Family patriarch John Ruf began the business in 1956, the year he graduated high school. Over the years, John and his wife, Nathalie, have operated Ruf's Farm Service with family members and many longtime employees. The family tradition at Ruf's is witnessed by its present staff: sons Bill, Mark, Duke and daughter Deana, along with Bill's children, Jadin and Jessica, operate the businesses in their various capacity. Longtime truck driver Mike Mulcahy and servicemen Gary Jenson and Terry Edge have worked there for 20-30 years.

Badger Farm Equipment is Ruf's biggest line. Known of its quality, Badger products include forage blowers and boxes, silo unloaders, conveyors and feeders, barn cleaners, chains and many other top-of-the line equipment. They also handle the popular Midwest Silos line. Val Metal is the business' second largest line with its inventory of bottom unloaders, silo unloaders, feed carts and other items.

Ruf's recently added the Bush Hog line to its stock and now offers 4-wheel utility vehicles, lawnmowers, landscape tools, compact loaders, rear mounted blades and much more.

In short, Ruf's Farm Service specializes in quality forage and manure equipment, has a new line of grain augers, grain vacuums and other equipment to keep up with the larger grain farms of today's agricultural world.