Brandt Standard/Supercharged Transport Augers

  • The intake and flighting on all Supercharged augers is 1" larger than the main tube and on the 10" Supercharged is 2" larger
  • The enlarged intake and unique angled flighting actually floods the auger with grain for maximum capacity
  • Belt Drive augers use heavy duty gear boxes for trouble free use
  • Belt Drive augers can be driven using electric or gas engines or PTO
  • Direct PTO Drive available on some models
  • A hydraulic drive brake winch can be installed on all Standard and Supercharged augers

Brandt Swing Away Augers

  • These maximum capacity augers are built to last and supercharged to provide capacities over 5,100 bu/hr with the 10” auger and over 9,500 bu/hr with the 13” auger.
  • Mechanical, one-to-one gear boxes operate the high capacity Swing Away augers
  • Fully removable cover makes gear boxes easily accessible and allows unrestricted access to grease u-joints
  • Clean out of the boot is easy through the side door or through the full length bottom access doors
  • All Brandt swing augers use chain couplers between the swing tube flighting and gear boxes for trouble free maintenance and longevity
  • The new scissor lift design provides an extra low transport height with improved bin reach  

Brandt 13" High PerformanceSwing Away Auger

  • Heavy duty scissor lift with maximum reach and low transport height
  • One easy access door for complete clean-out
  • High capacity chain coupler transition for excellent flow of product and reduced stress on the gear box
  • Easy access to transition area with the removable transition spout
  • Extended life PTO components
  • Self leveling XL Hopper with large wheels for easy moving
  • Brandt high quality powder paint
  • On the 1390 HP, the axles are adjustable for a wider, more stable stance