Midwest Silos

Midwest Silo Systems

Beforyou buy any silo, compare the quality of construction and the Many added features of our Poured Concrete Silos. Don’t hesitate to buy The best; you’ll be glad you did. These MIDWEST silos are built for Generations of use with an absolute minimum of maintenance. You’ll Appreciate the quality of a poured concrete silo for many years to come.

  • Consider the advantages of our Poured Concrete Silos:
  • Our 6” thick, solid concrete walls are strong to withstand both Horizontal and vertical heavy loads.
  • Our 6” walls are a monolithic (one piece) structure with smooth, Uniform diameter walls.
  • Our 6” thick concrete walls have much more heat resisting ability Than steel, and more insulating power than steel as well.

With horizontal and vertical steel tied together inside the concrete Wall, there is tremendous strength to keep the silo round and resist Storm damage. The steel inside the walls is protected from silage Acids and the weather.

Interior coating reduces permeability and protects concrete.

Concrete strength, wall thickness and steel schedules all exceed Standards set by the Ontario Silo Association, of which we are Proud members.

Our thicker, stronger walls help corn remain at a relatively constant Temperature, resisting freezing and heat damage.

A solid nod for High-Moisture Corn
Consider the Advantages:

  • Earlier harvest.
  • Feed home grown feeds.
  • Avoid the extra expense of drying and transportingthe corn.