High Lift Dump Box

Miller Pro High Lift Dump Boxes

The Miller Pro High Dump Box offers exceptional value and is well recognized for its exceptional performance. Big acreage operators are continually discovering new ways to cope with short harvest windows. With Miller Pro dump boxes, you can experience virtually nonstop, high volume harvesting. Because of their capacity, high lift and short cycle times, they help you bring in higher quality forage, faster, and save money by not having extra transport vehicles with drivers waiting in the field.

Miller Pro High Dump Boxes are available with either the 4 wheel wagon or 2 wheel cart to suit the needs of the operator. 4 wheel wagon models….Hayfields can be anything but perfectly flat. Stability is critical to favorable dump box operation. Miller Pro dump boxes have massive undercarriages, a wide stance and counterweight box. They flex when needed, and become rigid during the dumping cycle. They have automotive design steering and a tight turning radius to follow big self-propelled choppers. 2 wheel cart models…. Ideal for wet field conditions and rugged understructure rolls through tough conditions when needed. The Miller Pro cart offers a reversible hitch for left or right side dump to match your harvesting needs. When looking to improve your forage quality with high capacity harvesting, look to the long standing Miller Pro line from Art’s-Way Manufacturing.