Barn Stalls

Relax Fit / Ironside Freestall System J&D Relax Fit Ironside Free Stall System
  • Heavy Duty 10 gauge 2 3/8" tubing that is hot dip galvanized inside and out
  • Available with standard J&D Manufacturing Ironside or Relax Fit loops
  • Standard sizes are 6', 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8' and 8'6"
  • 1/4" steel single and double loop clamps
  • Loop mounting hole and power tension hole
  • Flexible clamps for a full range of height adjustment
  • Top rail clamp system for adjustable neck rail distance
  • Designed for single row or head to head double row systems
Fiberglass Freedom Stall J&D Fiberglass Freedom Stall
  • Only flexible patent pending free stall on the market
  • Competitively priced
  • Available in standard platform lengths
  • Reduced freight and installation costs
  • Prevents injury and mortality
  • Small diameter divider increases cow comfort while maintaining stall width
  • No loops to become caught or wedged in causing injury
  • 4-way adjustable free hanging neck rail
  • Available in head-to-head or single row
  • Many options available to retrofit your current stall system
Post-Less Free Stall System Post-less Free Stall System
  • No post needed
  • Hot dip galvanized base
  • Increased forward and side to side headroom
  • Less restrictions on air flow
  • Loops engineered for increased cow comfort and safety
  • Labor saving easy installation
  • Standard sizes are 6’, 6’6”, 7’ and 7’6”
Twin Beam Suspended Free Stall System Twin Beam Suspended Free Stall System
  • Proven stronger than comparable single beam systems
  • All concrete work can be done without obstructions
  • Big labor savings on concrete and installation labor
  • No stall mounts to be anchored to concrete
  • Uses our standard Ironside or Relax Fit loops
  • Tight fitting custom clamps to secure control rail. No U-bolts to come loose!
  • Easy adjustable spacing
  • More cow comfort area
  • No stall mounts on the concrete or in the sand bedding
  • Stalls stay high and dry resulting in longer life
  • Single and double row installations available
  • Standard size loops are 6', 6'6", 7', 7'6", 8’ and 8’6”