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Recirculation Fans for Dairy J&D Manufacturing Ventilation Equipment

As the leader in air recirculation, J&D Manufacturing offers recirculation fans of all shapes and sizes including Panel Fans, Box Fans, Basket Fans, Drum Fans, Ceiling Fans, Pedestal Fans and Funnel Fans for both indoor and outdoor use. Our recirculation fans range in size from our 12" Barnstormer to our new 60" Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan.

J&D's ventilation products

Loyal Ventilation Equipment
  • 33% heavier-gauge housing than competitors' clone models   
  • Specially-engineered cone - reduces back pressure and boosts air performance
  • Oversized intake opening - Increases air flow capacity
  • Aluminum shutters - micro balanced to reduce air drag
  • Blade computer matched to tweak-out maximum efficiency
  • Exclusive EZ-swivel shutter fasteners - for quick, tight mounting
  • Pulley-diameter/belt-style combination computer optimized to maximize air flow without overloading motor
  • Housing extends straight-out, thru wall, for tighter wall seal
  • Housing slopes down, beyond wall, for less air resistance, and to protect components from weather, plus aid in runoff
  • Extra-deep orifice opening accelerates air flow
  • Loyal ventilation products