Livestock Waterers

Franklin Waterers

Franklin Industries Inc. has been producing livestock equipment in Monticello, Iowa since 1916. From our first Barn Cleaners and Stanchions, to our newest energy efficient waterers we strive to provide quality at an affordable price. Franklin continues to serve the livestock community by making parts available and accessible, and engineering new products for an ever-changing market place.
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Model 150 Electric Bohlmann Waterers

The first BOHLMANN concrete waterers are over 50 years old. Many are still in use, and parts are still availabl.. At Bohlmann, Inc. we have incorporated the ideas and suggestions of our customers in the manufacturing of Bohlmann Concrete Waterers. We believe they are the most satisfactory livestock waterers on the market. When purchasing your next livestock waterer, select a concrete waterer manufactured by Bohlmann.

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