Valmetal Conveyors

Valmetal 14", 18", 24" Models

  • Eight different models to choose from plus lot of accessories to fit yourneeds.
  • The Valmetal conveyors feature an industrial gear box drive system designed to last longer with less maintenance
  • Reversible, to convey in either direction
  • Galvanized steel hopper eliminates spillage and centers feed on belt. Simple belt tightener maintains belt tension
  • An adjustable incline section, from 0 to 35 degrees makes installation easy
  • A tough polyester belt with P.V.C. coating maintains flexibility in sub-zero weather for year round performance

Valmetal CB-1800 Bale Conveyor

  • A big hopper center the bales on the belt
  • Tough polyester belt with smooth P.V.C. coating
  • Movable Bale Diverter directed from the ground with ropes
  • Sturdy belt tighteners and big idler roller mounted on heavy duty regreasable bearings
  • Center sections are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel for long life and feature a special design for extra strength

Valmetal Belt Feeder

  • You get dependable feeding in winter and summer, the P.V.C. belt with polyester cord maintains flexibility in subzero weather
  • VALMETAL belt feeder and conveyor, features an industrial gear box drive system providing positive power to a big lagged drive pulley for slip-proof traction of the conveying belt
  • Optional galvanized steel windboards and covers are recommended to protect belt and feed from weather and wind

Valmetal Belt handler

  • Versatile: Fast and reliable hay bale belt elevator that : in a matter of minutes by flipping up the pan section sides converts to a concave belt that will carry almost anything
  • Conveyor reliability begins with the drive unit. The Valmetal conveyors feature an industrial gear box drive system designed to last longer with less maintenance.
  • Sturdy belt tighteners maintain belt tension. All bearings are regreasable for long, trouble-free operation.
  • As a bale elevator, the pan sections are laying flat. No waiting, the bales are carried up swiftly. Belt travels at 220 ft/min compared to 85 ft/min on most chain type elevators.
  • The undercarriage is made of square structural tubing for strength and rigidity. A heavy duty hand winch automatically locks the load in position when the handle is released. Standard lengths : 30' - 60'