Valmetal Grain-O-Matic

UNSURPASSED for Free-Flowing and Semi-Free Flowing

With a Valmetal Grain-O-Matic Unloader, you get more "positive" delivery, Day After Day!

Overload protection for the sweep auger. A unique ratchet mechanism drives the drive shaft. It is engineered with a spring loaded ratchet pawl which idles should the sweep auger meet an impasse.

The exit auger closing is easy to operate and requires only minimum opening clearance. This provides more room beneath the unloader for conveyors and auxiliary equipment.

Powered by a 3 H.P. motor, the GRAIN-O-MATIC comes with different sized drive pulley sets so you can change auger unloading speed by simply flipping the drive belt.

Grain-O-Matic CK conversion kit

Fed up by high maintenance costs and slow feed delivery...

Maybe you should consider a GRAIN-O-MATIC CK. Specially designed to be installed in sealed steel bottom unloading silos. Easy installation without silo modification provides the same features than the standard GRAIN-O-MATIC

Allowing Increased Daily Delivery At a Very Reasonable Price.

Brochure and technical specifications
To download the brochure in pdf Click here